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It is impossible to prevent all business disputes. But, by carefully considering contracts and by managing business relationships, it can be possible to limit your risk. Solid contracts protect you from liability while giving you proper recourse to take action when the contract is breached.

At his Kennesaw, Georgia, law office, attorney John P. Gallagher uses over 30 years of experience to handle matters of contract law for his business clients. He drafts, reviews and negotiates solid contracts that protect his clients. When disputes arise, he resolves them quickly and effectively.

Contract Dispute Resolution Doesn’t Always Mean Going To Trial

Contract dispute resolution does not always mean litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration and mediation can be the most effective ways for businesses to resolve disputes related to breaches of contract.

ADR is a cost-effective way to handle matters. It can be faster and more economical than going to trial. Of course, when business litigation is necessary to protect your business interests, Mr. Gallagher does not hesitate to take forceful action to protect your interests in Georgia courts.

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